When it comes to advising on stuff to do with the pandemic, what long covid is and if it really exists, we’re as in the dark as anyone. But when it comes to finding solutions to tough communications challenges, we think we’re pretty good at coming up with ideas and executing creative strategies.

The ‘we’re’ here is Creative Clinic, a branding and creative agency that believes in designing a better world. We don’t usually make and sell badges.

We’ve been encountering a lot of awkward moments lately as life returns more and more to normal, meeting clients and friends that haven’t known whether to handshake, fist bump, elbow rub, hug or back away. And of course, we’re not the only ones.

Our response was a simple one, to create a range of badges that people can quietly wear so others know what type of greeting or goodbye they feel comfortable with – thus putting an immediate stop to those awkward social encounters.

Stop The Awks results from an exhausting three-day agency sprint from idea conception to getting this website launched with the product.

Thanks for being here.