We are committed to stopping the spread of awkwardness right across the world.

As life returns to ‘normal’, the number of awkward cases is continuing to rise at an alarming rate. We are witnessing a pandemic of greeting and departing discomfort like never before seen.

Social convention is changing. To shake hands or not to shake hands is the question of the moment, and if “no handshakes please” is the answer, then do we fist bump, elbow rub, kick shake or salute? The awkwardness can be excruciating and its affecting everyone from world leaders to royalty, celebrities to business colleagues and mates in the pub.

Whether you’re a “no handshakes please”, mover or a shaker wearing a badge from Stop The Awks will put an end to those embarrassing, flappy moments when you meet friends, colleagues and customers.

Perfect for the office, workplace, conferences or social gatherings, our badges can be purchased individually, mix and matched or ordered in larger quantities.